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The Destiny of Wedding, from an idea of Veronica Amati, is an exclusive training experience which stands out for the ultimate level of its contents and mentors, who have been planning and managing foreign weddings in Italy for years.


The aim of The Destiny of Wedding is to train and certificate both Italian and foreign wedding professionals.

It will be a real experience reserved to 30 attendees, with Italian and international mentors.


For the first time this experience will end up with the planning and the organization of a real wedding for a Russian couple selected by our co-producer Natalia Kulikova, among the partners of the project.

In addition to training, certification of professional profiles matters too.

Thanks to the collaboration with Clara Trama, Wedding Planner Italian Association President, who has set up a technical task force in UNI in order to satisfy the need to acknowledge and certificate Wedding Planners and Destination Wedding Planners, The Destiny of Wedding will grant n. 32 official credits.

“Feeling things”

Attendees will be part of the Wedding Experience project as a unique team.

Everyone will have the opportunity to establish professional networking for future partnerships, by comparing and sharing ideas and experiences.

 “Skill for doing"

The masterclass will end with the planning of a real wedding for a foreigner couple


Wedding Planners

Event Planners

Location Managers,

Tour Operator Managers


Learning and improving technical skills and creativity to face the world of Luxury Wedding in a more modern and competitive approach, focusing on:

Chinese Wedding, Russian Wedding,

Anglo-Saxon wedding, and Lebanese Wedding.

The project includes other


that will take place in the meanwhile:

Floral backstage &

Wedding Design:

By Sonia Luongo, Barbara Vissani and Robert Chaar


Wedding and Travel Coordinator :

By Veronica Tasciotti Amati and Bianca Trusiani 



Wedding Travel Coordinator 

Floral Backstage & Wedding Design 

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